Nothing Between….

Today at therapy, I received an electrical stimulation machine to bring home with me and do exercises with every day. The therapist was showing me where to place the electrodes to make the muscles work. He explained once again, how the electricity runs through the electrodes and straight into the muscles to make them move. The electricity alone will make my legs stick straight out! When the machine is turned on both legs, it will make them so stiff that I am able to put weight on them and stand about half way up. It is so weird to try to move my legs on my own and not a thing happens – no matter how hard I try. I accomplish nothing. Then, the electricity turns on, and I watch my legs move and do things I cannot possibly accomplish on my own.

I got to thinking….it’s amazing how that all it takes is a damaged area in your spinal cord to do some major changes! It affects every area of your life – big and little. Losing the ability to walk is just one of the things that is affected. There are so many other things that you just would never think about.

One of my very favorite (and convicting) hymns is “Nothing Between My Soul and the Savior”. We think that it is the big things that break our fellowship with the Lord. The Bible talks about the “little foxes” that spoil the vines. It doesn’t have to be something outlandish and major to be something between us and the Savior. But, oh how it can affect our life – every aspect of it. Things we wouldn’t think of are affected. “It seems like such a little thing” we think, but the damage it can cause! A wrong choice today can yield a major problem tomorrow.

Then you have the e-stim machine. How in all my trying I can’t accomplish what I want but when the power is applied things start happening. It makes me so happy to know that in my Christian life, I don’t have to struggle to do everything. I just need to be a willing vessel and let the power of God work in me. If I will just let Him have His way in my life, keep an obedient heart (nothing between), His power can then work through me. I am glad that His power is able to move and work in the hearts and lives of people in spite of me! How true is the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me”!

It is also a beautiful thought how that if I have let something come between my soul and the Savior and it has caused what may seem like irreversible damage in my life, the power of God is still able to come in and take over and accomplish for us and through us what we are not able to do on our own.

I think God would have us all to be spiritually challenged, spiritually disabled, spiritually handicapped – for it is in these humbling positions that you realize how strong, capable, and dependable He is. You realize how helpless you are without Him your heart craves for “nothing between my soul and the Savior”. Jesus is mine…keep the way clear…He is my all…I am resolved…I’ll triumph at last – there’s nothing between!!

Nothing Between

Nothing between my soul and the Savior,
Naught of this world’s delusive dream;
I have renounced all sinful pleasure;
Jesus is mine, there’s nothing between.

Nothing between my soul and the Savior,
So that His blessed face may be seen;
Nothing preventing the least of His favor
Keep the way clear! Let nothing between.

Nothing between, like worldly pleasure;
Habits of life, though harmless they seem,
Must not my heart from Him e’er sever;
He is my all, there’s nothing between.

Nothing between, like pride or station;
Self-life or friends shall not intervene;
Though it may cost me much tribulation,
I am resolved; there’s nothing between.

Nothing between, e’en many hard trials,
Though the whole world against me convene;
Watching with prayer and much self-denial,
I’ll triumph at last, with nothing between.

One thought on “Nothing Between….

  1. Thanks for the interesting post, and for including Charles Tindley's gospel song, "Nothing Between." Today is the 77th anniversary of Pastor Tindley's death. If you'd like to read a bit more about this remarkable man, I invite you to check out my blog today on Wordwise Hymns.


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