I am trying this year to keep up and blog regularly on….whatever suits me! Since I am a wife, I will blog wifey things. Since I am a Mommy, I will blog motherly things. Since I am disabled, I will blog things that I just want to talk about in the wheelchair/disabled world. Since I am a Christian, I will sometimes talk about all of these things and come up with how God is working these things in my heart.

I love to write. It is like pouring out my heart on paper. I try to be very real as I adore real people. Life is not perfect but oh how precious it is!

I have a combination of blogs that I have done at different spots but am trying to organize and land in one little happy place and I think this is it. As my website has grown, I need to be able to keep up with  the flow of that blog a little better and so I need to upgrade to here!  I was able to import all of my other blog to this one so everything in the past that I wrote is here! The only thing I don’t think I was able to import was my followers, so if you don’t mind, will you “re-follow” me?

So, thank you for joining me as together we continue this wonderful journey called life. Talk to me and I promise to talk back!

God bless you this new year!



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