Will This Work?

Today, my thinker and creator of amazing things, Caleb, wanted to make a hot air balloon that would rise into the air. I told him that he could research it and work on it when he finished school. My “free thinking homeschool mom” kicked in and I told him that after math and spelling was over, then he could just count that as school. It was amazing how quickly he managed to get through those subjects!

He looked up a couple ideas online and got busy. His first idea was a VERY large trash bag and after he had taped and tried pencils for the base, he realized they were too heavy. He thought of straws and redesigned that. He got a couple of tea light candles and there he was ready to go! We grabbed the camera and he said, “Mom, do you think it will work?” I replied, “I don’t know. Try it and see how it works out!” It did not work…I knew it wouldn’t. The trash bag was way too big.

I suggested that he try a smaller trash bag and off he went to rebuild his creation. No discouragement….just determination to get this thing up! Back he came in a few minutes. Camera out again and same question, “Mom….” Again, same answer from me. This time, you could watch the hot air fill up the cavity of the bag, and then the bag slowly started melting together from the heat. I waited for the disappointment but instead he said, “Well, I guess I will just have to research this some more.”

I loved hearing that and it struck a chord in my heart. I know that so many times I have thought something through and have come to a conclusion only to realize that I have looked to someone else for my answers and to tell me what I am thinking is alright and that it is all going to work out. Life doesn’t come pre-answered like that does it? Many times, it is the trial and errors of our ways that keep us researching and digging in God’s Word until we find His answer on the matter.

I think it is in error to think that silence from God means that He has no answer for us. I think it is His silence that gives us the time we need to dig around and find out what He has already said on the matter. That digging, that research, that desperate searching is exactly where He is found. It is that exercise we get in digging that strengthens our faith. As you find these answers and treasures, a longing for more grows in your heart. A confidence builds that we need not look to men for our answers or approval but only to God. With that confidence, the chains of being bound to the opinions of men melt away and are replaced by a refreshing freedom.

My Caleb looked to me for an answer but guess what – I wasn’t sure what to tell him. He will keep researching and he will figure out how to make a hot air balloon. As he researches, his confidence will sore. I look forward to the coming days when he will boldly approach me and instead of asking if I think it will work, he will say, “Momma, watch how this works!”




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