The Bar Is Too High

For any of you following me on Facebook, you will have seen my recent postings about my new home gym. I am SO excited about being able to work out my upper body several times a week. Watch out, Hulk Hogan, you’ve got competition (wow, I think I dated myself). I managed to put together all the lower parts and with some assistance from my hubby and my sons, I managed to get the rest of it together last night. I will be able to do the butterfly press, the military press, the bench press with one part of it and it has this high bar that, to me, resembles a chin-up bar that instead of me lifting up, will pull down.

I could not wait to try it! My hopes were high for what I have envisioned accomplishing and I was pumped! We pulled it into just the perfect spot so I would have room to roll up next to it and transfer, and it was time! I already had it all figured out in my mind how I would get on, where I would grab for balance and all the other wonderful things you think through when mounting anything besides your all-familiar wheelchair.

Over the seat I went, straightened up my body and reached for that upper bar. Whoa!! Who put that bar SO high? Are you seriously telling me that I am going to have to ask for help to reach that bar? Why was that bar SO high?!! I was pretty aggravated. Half of my exercise plans just crashed in my mind because I HATE having to ask for help. I am stubborn and full of pride about this but I will admit it. I would kill half of my exercises before I would have to get help and be reminded that I couldn’t do something every time I worked out.

Then…out of the corner of my eye, I saw the chain. That chain that was in the packaging that I wasn’t sure where it went. My hubby helped me reconnect a couple things and voila…the bar was lowered, I could reach it, the problem was solved, and my spirits soared once again. Today, I completed my full work-out…all by myself. Yes, I am proud about that too!

Sometimes we set the bar so high for ourselves that we can never really accomplish everything we think we should. It is great to have goals and work towards achieving them (thus a home gym) but be careful about setting the bars so high that we stay disappointed. There are things in my life right now that I am tweaking. The “bar” that I have set in certain areas just isn’t realistically reachable for me. So, I am rethinking some things and making adjustments. I can already see a difference and I am glad!

One thought on “The Bar Is Too High

  1. Hi Alicia, great home gym you have there and I am sure you will use it the way it should be used….with a tailored workout to suit your needs. I imagine that your goal of losing 40 pounds is the top priority although you will also be strengthening your upper body – especially your arms and shoulders. I’m positive that they – your arms and shoulders – will be very thankful for your lightening their load when you call on them to do the physical things your legs no longer are able to do. Now, after over 2 years of wheelchair mobility, I am well aware that I need not remind you how crucial your arms and shoulders are to your leading as normal a life as possible. So, my purpose now is only to ask that you do not overdo things exercise wise and take good care of those arms and shoulders so that they may have many years to take care of you. Jerry


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