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When I first became paralyzed, I would look at my wheelchair as this foreign object that had invaded my home. I worried about my children and how they would accept a Mommy surrounded with rubber and titanium.

I posted earlier on Facebook today about my 6 year old, Audrey, and how she remarked how she loved my make-up bag (which I assure you is very ordinary looking…well, don’t tell the kids but it is kind of ugly. They bought it for me for Christmas from Dollar Tree and so I adore it!) because it would look so pretty hanging from my wheelchair.

I chuckled about that as I thought what a nice accessory that would make. Audrey’s vision was that it hang from my brake lever. 🙂

But the thought that warmed my heart the most, was how comfortable she was with my chair. Well, aside from a little decorating she wanted to do on it!

I adore my chair now. It comforts me. It is my friend (most days) and we are all comfortable with it being in our home. That is good. Very good.


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