The Crescendo of the Christian Life

My husband was asked to blog for a class at Crown College entitled “Gospel Records”. He was asked to post his chart on the harmony of the Gospels on the events of the crucifixion. As I read his blog, he referred to the Gospels and how the content of the story of the crucifixion fill up to one third of the entire book.

I started thinking how the structure of a novel goes. You start slow introducing the plot and the character. The plot develops until it reaches a climax and then comes back down to earth as we conclude the story. I am sure you all are imagining the line graph that so many of our writing classes gave us that visualize this form of story writing.

However, in the Christian life, the climax never stops! We are brought to the climax of the resurrection of Christ but it goes on from there to the climax of the resurrection and then to the ascension and then to Heavenly places! Christ continues to bring us to greater heights of emotion in all that He has accomplished and continues to do for us.

Many times, I am guilty of looking at my salvation as the climax of my Christian life. This is not so! It is only the beginning of a life that should continue to climax in love, adoration and service to my precious Savior until one day I will stand before my King!

My prayer is that my heart and life will never “come back down to earth.” I want to keep going not only forward but upward!

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