When I first knew that we were going to be living on the farm that Jimmy’s parents own, I about had a heart attack. Why? Because the home is very small and only has 2 bedrooms. If you know my family, I don’t think you would call us small home candidates!

I asked Jimmy to please take me to the house because I needed to visualize my family there so I could figure out how in the world to stack us all in! He did, and as I rolled around, I kind of got this adventure feeling in my stomach. This was going to be yet another challenge and we were going to face and conquer that sucker!

So, here is a video of our home. I really enjoy living here in this season of our life. We all do fit and although it is a little tight, that just makes it that much more snuggly. Thank you for watching!

Making It Happen – The Tour of Our Home


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