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Why God?


Since I have become paralyzed, there have been many times I have asked the question, “Why?” Before you start telling me that we are not allowed to ask God why, let me remind you that as Jesus was hanging on the cross, He asked God why. So, it is not wrong to ask why. I have asked God why about many things.

As I was thinking recently about this, it hit me that why is a good question to ask. Yes, I ask the Lord why about my paralysis when a flash of the past hits me right in the gut, or maybe when I see a picture where I am standing up, or when others are doing something that I would really like to be involved in but am limited by my body, or when my children come and ask me questions about it that are hard to answer. These times can put me in a mood and I must be very careful where I let that mood take my mind.

When I get in this reflective mood, I have made it a practice to also stop and ask God a few more questions.

Why, God, why?

The questions continue to rattle off in my head, and my thoughts move from feeling sorry for myself to feeling sorry that I can’t do more for my Lord. By the time I am finished, my tears have changed from grief to clearing my vision for what lies ahead in my life. When the conversation stops, I have stopped dwelling on what I can’t do to being excited for what I can do for my Heavenly Father that I love so very much.

It is good to talk to the Lord and ask whatever our heart desires to ask. He can handle our tough questions, He delights in our wonderings, He loves to listen as we pour our hearts out to Him, and in the end, He loves it when we love back on Him. Asking why is a very good thing.


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