When I became paralyzed, I was 5 months pregnant. I already had 5 children so pregnancies were no big deal to me. I hardly ever got sick when I was pregnant, I enjoy being pregnant because I would just get giddy excited the miracle that was growing inside of me. I could not wait until I could touch and snuggle my babies. I only ever got nervous about delivering my first baby, and after that I would just tell the hospital staff, “Come on!! Let’s get this going!!” That is, until paralysis and being pregnant.

I was terrified. Terrified for my baby, terrified for me, terrified for delivery, and terrified to take care of a newborn from a wheelchair. And then The Lord brought Jamie into my life. It was a weird connection through a European paralysis forum and someone on there read that I was pregnant, and a Christian, and wanted to connect me with another paralyzed mom who was also pregnant at that time…with her third paraplegic pregnancy!

I emailed Jamie and she called me. She had been in a car accident when she was 17 years old and still in high school. She later married Will and they have 3 beautiful boys. She was pregnant at the time we talked and she talked me through the rest of my pregnancy, told me in detail about delivery, and helped me with many tips and tricks to take care of a newborn.

She and I have enjoyed getting to know one another and I have contacted her for more than baby questions. She loves to be a blessing and that she is!! We were finally able to meet in person a couple of years ago was we were both traveling through Kentucky. We met at a Cracker Barrel. That was the first time I was with another wheeler in a restaurant and I felt the many stares that we got! But, she was so cool about it that I soon forgot to look at what others were thinking of us.

I had never yet met her husband Will, and she had never met my Jimmy. We recently all met up in Chattanooga and spent the afternoon together. Will is pastor at Oak Leaf Church in Canton, GA. He loves the Lord and it is fun for all of us to share the ministry as well as our disability together. W had a great time and look forward to more get togethers in the future!

Jamie blogs at http://jamiegoodwin.wordpress.com/ and she is a great encouragement and has a precious family.

I am so thankful for our friends, the Goodwin’s, and that the Lord allowed our paths to cross at a crucial time in my life.

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