Disability and Relationships – Introduction


I have been asked to address this topic by a few individuals and so I thought I would turn it into a small series. When a disability is part of a relationship, everything you thought you knew and understood goes right out the window. In many ways, the principles of relationships work, but there are SO many details that no one talks about.

So, in typical Alicia style, I will talk about it. This will get personal and up close as I take you inside our home and marriage. The goal is not to entertain you. The goal is to help you understand. The more we understand, the less we judge and make false assumptions.

To get your brain flowing, let me ask you a question and answer in my comments please.

Would you have dated or married someone with a disability?

I will let you know in the next post what my husband answered when I asked him this question.

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6 thoughts on “Disability and Relationships – Introduction

  1. Hi Alicia, When I was in my late teens and twenties I often debated dating a disabled girl and what it would be like. I happened to make the acquaintance of a girl who had polio and walked with AFO’s and crutches. In retrospect had she not been married I doubt I would have had the courage or nerve to pursue her because of her disability. As fate would have it, nine years ago I renewed my acquaintance with her and now, being much more mature about things, I definitely would marry her if she and I were both single. Her disability would be nothing more than an inconvenience to us. I always regret not having had the opportunity to test my resolve and whether I could have looked beyond the braces and crutches and saw the person she was.


      1. So glad to have been an encouragement to you but it works both ways you know. Just following your excellent blogs and videos – as I plan to continue doing – has given me the benefit of having a new “hero” to better my life. You are the greatest!


  2. In high school I dated a guy who was a double amputee. It was God’s amazing introduction to the disabled community because a year later I was paralyzed.

    I’m so glad that years later my husband chose to date me despite my wheelchair.

    I am SOOO thankful to have found your blog this morning.


  3. Alicia,

    In the past, I would have probably said No – I would not date someone with a disability. I don’t feel the same now. I was very attracted to a guy who I had a very limited association with. Since his SCI, God has provided nothing short of amazing opportunities for us to become friends, very good friends. I don’t see him as “broken” or a “hassle”. I see him as him and I love every moment with him. My attraction to him has not lessened (only heightened), because I know him better and still see him as a beautiful man.



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