I Have Jesus–Alicia’s Wonderful New Song

My hubby wrote a very sweet blog with a tribute to my newest song I recently wrote. He is my greatest fan. 🙂 I think I’ll keep him forever!

The Reagan Review

I came home to a surprise the other day! Alicia said, among other reports of the day, that she had written a song. We had somewhere to go that evening, but I asked that she please sing it to me. She and the older children had already worked on it till they could sing it, so she grabbed the guitar while I sat down with my supper. Then I was blown away! Tears had to be fought away just like I learned that Alicia and the children old enough to comprehend it had to do earlier in the day. Praise God, I have Jesus!

I told her, after several gushy statements, that this would have to be the new Reagan family theme song. It speaks so to where we are in our journey. All that matters is that we have Jesus!

Verse one particularly captures how we feel. We have…

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