Disabled Thankfulness


It is the first of November and Thanksgiving is on the way. My Facebook feed was already loaded with “thankful thoughts” that will follow the monthly calendar. I don’t have access to the Internet every day so I thought I would add mine in a fun post. So here is my 30 day list all rolled into one. True to the theme of my posts lately, all thankfulness will be directed towards my disability.

I am thankful for:

1. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs. Ever see what they had in 1950?
2. My Roho cushion. It costs about $400 but I have never had even one pressure sore.
3. Memory foam. Love my comfy bed!
4. Handicap spaces. That is, when they are actually available.
5. Ramps. Need I say more?
6. Curb cutouts…..near the doors and not 25 ft. away.
7. Handicap stalls….that aren’t being used by able-bodied people.
8. Paper towel dispensers that I can reach.
9. Bathroom mirrors I can see in. Yes, we still like to check out our looks even if we are in a chair.
10. Doors that do not weigh 100 lbs.
11. Accessible hotel showers.
12. Shower chairs that go with those showers. No, I do not take a shower in my wheelchair. Yes, I have been asked that.
13. People that talk to me…and not to whoever is with me while ignoring me.
14. People who invite me to hang out with them.
15. People who act like my being in a chair is no big deal.
16. Muscle cream. Oh how my neck and shoulders love thee!
17. Hot showers. Oh yes!!!
18. Electric throws = instant heat!
19. Hot tea. Mmmm…..Plantation Mint to be exact.
20. Hot Booties…my new favorite microwaveable slipper.

Can we just stop here and say that I slipped into a “let’s get warm theme”? I am cold as I write tonight! Okay, I will move on. πŸ™‚

21. Medication. I don’t like to take meds, but I am sure thankful for them when I need them!
22. Doctors and nurses. I am glad for the special ones that I have met on this journey.
23. Physical therapists. I love them!! Greatest career choice ever. What a balance of compassion and tough love they are!
24. Hand controls. One of the most depressing things I faced after becoming disabled was not being able to drive. I love the freedom I have behind the wheel. Whoever invented them is awesome!
25. Gadgets…..my Freewheel, Standing Frame, Smart Drive….things that make my life a little easier.
26. An accessible home…well, I am waiting on that to happen again so I am thankful ahead of time!
27. Amazing family and friends who try to understand my life without judging….and love me unconditionally.
28. My precious children who think their Mom is so cool in a chair.
29. My devoted husband who loves me…and has never let my disability define our marriage.
30. Jesus. I just cannot do without Him. He is my strength, my joy, and the reason I can face all my tomorrows in this chair.

13 thoughts on “Disabled Thankfulness

  1. Caring for the caregiver: Ok, everybody. I’m excited. I am ready to begin my research related to caregivers of partners with Spinal Cord Injury. As many of you know, I am in grad school at Texas Christian University and my research is about family communication with disabled family members. (Wonder where I got that idea? LOL) I NEED at least 100 people to complete this anonymous 10 minute survey. SHARE WITH ANYONE AND EVERYONE who is in a romantic relationship with a paralyzed person. For those of you who don’t know me, I am married to a C-5/C6 quad 😊 Thanks for your help:) I will share my overall findings with the group once I have analyzed them. My goal is to help all of us:) Ready….go!

    Here’s the link:


    All my best, Gentrie Pool



    1. I came across your blog via the “To Love, Honor and Vacuum” blog. I am a Christian and a physical therapist. I really enjoy reading your perspective on being a wheelchair user. While, I work mostly with pediatric patients, it’s still so helpful to try and put myself in my patients shoes or to sometimes just admit that I have no idea what you go through on a daily basis. Thank you for your inspiration and honesty! God bless!


  2. Alicia, You are such an encouraging person. You have been a blessing to me for 14 years , and your disability has not changed that one bit! God through away the mold , when He made you:) Love you!


    1. I love you Mrs. Sue!!! I am so thankful that God brought our lives together. I will never be the same because of your influence in my life. You are my hero.


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