Happy Birthday Mendy!


Tonight I just happen to be near the Internet (which I do not have at home) and….today just happens to be the birthday of my friend, Mendy Brockman. I have written about her often on here because of her car accident that left her paralyzed over 4 months ago. Although we attended college together years ago, we have now reunited because of a common bond of a wheelchair in our lives.

Mendy, this post is for you.

On your birthday,

I want to tell you how thankful I am that you are alive to celebrate it. I know that every single day is a challenge for you, but I am glad you are here with us to face those challenges. I know that Jason and your 4 beautiful children are so thankful that today was not a day of sadness for them, but a day of celebrating with you!

People are watching you. No pressure right? You have already encouraged, challenged, humbled, and inspired hundreds of people through the suffering that you have faced. Your smile, even through tears, has spoken more than you ever realize right now. You have and are facing hardness, but you have endured it as a good soldier. Jesus is so proud of you…and we all are too.

Life looks different from your perspective now, but the vision you will gain, will end up being one of the greatest gifts you will have ever received. I know today was a different birthday for you than you have ever had, but it is such a wonderful day to be alive. Life is so precious and I am so thankful that God granted us the gift of allowing you to stay on this earth with us longer.

I love you sweet friend and I pray for and think of you every day.

Happy, happy birthday.



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