15 Amazing and Adventure Filled Years With Jimmy


I have always loved adventure. If there is a thrill to be found around the corner, I just have to go see what it is. I don’t like to just live life. I love to experience it. With every breath in me, I want to explore and discover and dig up to my elbows in life. So, I married a man completely opposite of me.

My man loves to sit in the comfort of his home in his favorite recliner. His favorite times are to have the family gathered in the living room around him doing our thing, while he consumes yet another book. He loves to play music in the background, have the warmth of the lamps turned on, and just chill. Those are his very favorite times and recharge him like nothing else.

Since the first year of our marriage, we have had to learn how to blend our two very unique personalities and come up with a marriage that works for us. It took us awhile to learn that life was sweeter when we did not try to change each other, but just embrace and love our differences. I have learned to enjoy quiet evenings at home and he has learned to enjoy a bustling evening of activity.

In the 15 years I have been married to my Jimmy, here are some things that I love about him the most.

I love that he adores me.
I am not saying that to be vain, but if you know this man, you would know that he is madly in love with me. Who couldn’t love that?! This love has only deepened over time. We have had our ups and downs like every couple, but through it all, I always knew he loved me and he wanted to work to be a better husband. There are a lot of women who would give anything for their husbands to try and improve their marriages. I am so thankful that Jimmy listens to my heart and works hard in our marriage to be a good husband. I cannot end this part without saying that I am so thankful that my paralysis has not dampened his love for me. When he looks at me, I can still see that he is looking at his wife….not his patient. That means the world to me.

I love that he loves our children.
He loves to be a daddy. He does not plan grand excursions or buy the love of his children. He is just present in their lives. He loves to just talk to them and enjoys their company. He is corny and they love it. I have so many memories of porch swing silly songs and made-up stories. As some of our kids are getting older, he is so willing to learn how to relate to them and still be their Dad. I love his heart to always want to be close to them…no matter their age. He has always been a hands-on dad. He has helped change diapers, clean up throw up, and disperse medicine. We decided when we got married that it takes two to have a baby and two to raise them and he has been faithful to what we discussed. It means so much to me that he has not bowed out on fatherhood over the years. I am so proud to parent beside him.

I love that he loves the Word of God.
Jimmy has taught me so much in our marriage to know why I believe what I believe. “If you can’t give me biblical proof instead of just your opinion, we just don’t have much to talk about” are words I have heard more than once. He has been a wonderful teacher. We love nothing greater than to get in a biblical debate over something and we both head our separate ways to dig into the Scriptures. That is a good thing! Sometimes, we just agree to disagree, but mostly we challenge each other to truly know that what we are saying is God’s words and not ours.

I love that he is human.
It took me some years to learn that my husband is not a spiritual giant. There are no such things. There are frail humans who realize how deficient they are and how much they need the strength of The Lord. I am so glad that Jimmy is human and I am glad that I have learned to let him be. It is not good for me to set him on such a high pedestal that he cannot live up to. I don’t want on that pedestal either! I am glad that we know each others weaknesses so we can help encourage one another. Don’t get me wrong, when we are both very human, the sparks can fly around here! But that’s okay. It keeps us real….real needy to be what The Lord wants us to be.

I love that he is mine.
Enough said.

It has been an amazing 15 years. I pray that The Lord will give us many, many more. Happy anniversary Jimmy! You have given me the best ride of my life being married to you!

4 thoughts on “15 Amazing and Adventure Filled Years With Jimmy

  1. The love you have for each other is precious and could only come from GOD. You both are truly Blessed and WE are Blessed to know you. Again, Happy Anniversary and praying you have many many more.


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