(Another) Transition For The Reagan Family

The Lord has moved in our lives again! I am excited! Click and read as Jimmy explains it there!

The Reagan Review

The day has come. It has been a full year of transition to bring us to where I am glad to say we are today. This morning the people of Concord Baptist Church in Leesville, South Carolina voted me as their next pastor. Alicia and the children are as excited as I am!

I feel like stealing the old microphone from Gene Autry and singing:

Back in the saddle again
Back where a friend is still a friend…

Well, most of the words don’t match beyond the first line, and I look bad on horseback in sequins with a guitar in my hands, but this fella missed the saddle for sure. Pastoring…the call of God for me throbs with life in me and is reenergized by the process the Lord has brought me through to this day. Giddy is an accurate description for me at this moment.

I think back…

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4 thoughts on “(Another) Transition For The Reagan Family

    • Hurray for you all.
      I traced you to Elizabethron and Maryvil. now to South Carolina.
      now I have to locate Leesvill.
      Blessings to the children.
      Nati is slowed down he rolled the toyota over on Sat 16th on way to the mt but he was still close to Yoro where he got his forehead stitched. He is ok. The toyota isnt.
      He has two hours a week on the radio here which is a blessing.
      March 17th pm sister Cora Delarca
      temp in the 80s


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