Is There Hope For Our Children? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #17)

I am guest blogging on my husband Jimmy’s blog, He has been writing to Independent Baptists, which we are, in a series for several weeks. He and I have together worked through so many of these issues, and he has asked me to write an article for him that shares the woman’s point of view. I share my heart here…

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The Reagan Review

My husband asked me to guest blog for him this week. I asked him why and he told me that he wanted a woman’s perspective of the Independent Baptist movement. Since I grew up in this movement, and have been in the ministry my whole life (my dad was a pastor) then I guess I am qualified to give a woman’s perspective. Much of my thoughts have been in my head for many years, but as my children are getting older my thoughts have become much more serious to me. What am I teaching my children?

Jimmy and I have been burdened for some time with the rut that much of our movement seems to have settled into over the years. We see our generation leaving our movement and the preaching then says, “Well, that is what happens when this generation wants the things of the world and gets more…

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One thought on “Is There Hope For Our Children? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #17)

  1. I am trying to contact the Reunion Trio to ask permission to use your song for our Christmas program. I sent a message on facebook to the reunion trio. I attend Faith Baptist Temple In North Ridgeville and several years ago you and your sisters were at a ladies retreat we attended. I have kept your CD in my car since then and the words to your songs are so uplifting and challenging. They have become like prayers to me when I don’t know what to say. Can you please contact me via facebook or email so I can ask your permission.


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