M – Mine

Being a mother means that those babies are mine! They don’t belong to my church, they don’t belong to extended family, they don’t belong to the school, they don’t belong to the government, or any other person, place or thing. They are mine. God handpicked them to give to me and He holds me responsible…and I love it! It is a huge responsibility, but I am so thankful God entrusted my children to me. I want my children to know how proud I am that they are mine. I want them to know that each one of them was desperately wanted. I want them each to know they that are my favorite! I am so glad I am their mother, and I am so glad they are mine!


O – Opportunity

Being a mother means that I have been given an entire slate of opportunities. I am the greatest influence in their lives – how is that for terrifying?! Each day is full of opportunities to teach, guide, train, encourage, inspire, create, and serve one another. That alone is enough to keep you working at a full-time job. Those opportunities come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it looks like a nap time cuddle and answering endless questions. Other times it sits on the side of a bed as you are instructing to tear filled eyes why they behaved wrong. Sometimes it looks like time in a kitchen working together. Sometimes it is at the home of a needy person serving the Lord as you serve them. Whatever it looks like on a day-to-day basis, it is all a time of opportunity in the lives of my children.


T – Time

Being a mother means giving time. My children need my time. They appreciate what I do for them (or not), and they love it when I buy for them. But, their deepest need is knowing that they get my time. They need to know, that at any time, they have my attention. They need to know that what is important to them is important to me. They need to know that I am invested in them! They need me. They need that more than my philosophy and wisdom. They just need their Momma. What better way to spend my life, than for my children to grow up and know that they were important to me…not because I told them that, but because I showed them that.


H – Honesty

Being a mother means I must be honest. I want my children to be honest to me, so I must also be honest to them. I don’t need to live a life of excuses in front of them. I don’t need to act one way in front of people and act another way in front of them. I need them to see my weaknesses and my strengths. I need them to see my joy and my sadness. I need them to see my fears and my faith. If they see me struggle, they will also see Who I turn to. This helps them to know that I am a sinner who desperately needs the grace of God and His help and strength in my life to be what God created me to be. Then, I can honestly tell them that God will help them just as He has to help me.

E – Example

Being a mother means that I must be an example. I was at the zoo several weeks ago and there was a little boy and a littler girl probably about 8 and 4 years old. Their mother was screeching so loudly to them (yes, screeching), that it caught my attention. Here is what she was saying, “I CAN”T BELIEVE THAT I BROUGHT YOU ALL HERE TODAY!! ALL I HAVE HEARD IS MOANING AND GROANING ABOUT HOW TIRED YOU ARE! I AM SO SICK OF YOUR WHINING AND FUSSING!! IF YOU DON’T STRAIGHTEN UP WE ARE GOING HOME AND SEE IF I EVER BRING YOU BACK AGAIN!!” My first thought was, “Lady! I know where they get all of their fussing and whining from……..you!!” But, then I felt so convicted because I know that I have been just as guilty….many times….as that mother. No, maybe I haven’t yelled and screamed at my children in public, but I have been just as guilty in being a horrible example. I am a pro at telling them how it should be done, and holding them to a straight line, while I do just the opposite in my example to them! “Be kind, don’t gossip, do good to those who hurt you, remember the Golden Rule, stop fussing, don’t complain, eat your veggies, don’t say you are fat!”….and on and on. These are all things I would say to them, but do I destroy my words to them by my bad example? The old saying that more is caught than is taught is true. I don’t want to be the person in my children’s life that they think of as a hypocrite.


R – Respect

Being a mother means that we respect one another. I have often heard that kids need to respect their parents (and I agree!), but I also believe parents need to respect their children. Respect means “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” I need to respect their personalities, their time, their property, their wishes and desires, and their God-given abilities and talents. I am not referring to never crossing your child or not being the parent you need to be. I am talking about the normal day-to-day life. My children have done many things that have earned my respect! I pray that I have earned their respect and I pray that I will continue being respectable so that they will have something to respect back in my life.


I am not sure what being a mother means to you, but these are what it meant to me this year. I am so thankful that the Lord gave my 6 precious children to me. My children won’t turn out right if I have anything to do with it. They are the Lord’s and He will guide their hearts. But, if the Lord will use me anyway to have a part in their lives, then I want in on the action! I am thankful God let me in on the action.

I pray that each of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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