Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month


September has been set aside as spinal cord injury awareness month. Who is behind this? I’m not 100% sure, but I am for it!

Just last week, I went to Wal-Mart all alone. That is a rare occurrence because I always have a kid or someone with me just for fun. However, I had dropped the kids off at school and needed some things so off I went. I pulled in and the “normal-for-me-routine” started. My seat readjusts as I recline it as far as I can making space between my body and the steering wheel. Out came the frame of my chair as I lifted it over my body and out my door onto the ground. Then the wheels come out as I put them back on my chair. That is followed by putting the back, side guards and cushion back in place.  Now…I am ready to transfer!

As I was just about to transfer, I was aware of a lady that quickly pulled in beside me. I am not sure where she was watching me from, but she bounded out of her vehicle and asked if she could help me. I was already finished by then, but I thanked her.

As I came out of the store and was loading myself back up (all in reverse order), a man just stopped his cart and just stood there watching me. He said, “I am not trying to be rude. I am just completely intrigued that you can do all that.” I said, “Thank you! You can watch.” He did not offer to help as he saw that I had it under control.

It hit me that day, that every time I am out in public and active, I am bringing awareness to spinal cord damage. I am breaking stereotypes and portraying a new image to what it means to live a full and happy life….which is contrary to what many people still believe.

This month, I will be using my blog to spotlight many facets of paralysis. From videos, to interviews, to my opinions on gadget and technology, to introducing you to some of my awesome friends with spinal cord injuries….I hope you will stay tuned in this month!

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