You know my love with hearing birds sing early in the morning right? This morning I could NOT hear them!!! I woke up early with spasms…like always…before light…and laid there listening. It was silent. My heart jumped a beat. Why weren’t the birds singing? What time is it? I could see a glimmer of dawn just like always. Why were they missing? They know they are supposed to be awake with me. Don’t they know I look forward to that? Don’t they know they have a job to do? Don’t they know that I was in here waiting to praise God with them? Don’t they know that they sing me back to sleep? Where were they?! Why couldn’t I hear them sing?!

Then I remembered.

I love spring and always have the windows open. Yesterday it rained so hard. I got really cold getting in and out of the house. I had went to church and gotten even colder and came home a bit sooner than usual. I was still shivering when my hubby got home and I remembered. I asked him to shut the windows so I could see if that would help me get warm. 

Why couldn’t I hear the birds sing? Because I shut the windows!!

The problem was not that the birds were not singing. The problem was that I had shut out their song.

They were singing just like normal. I just couldn’t hear it because of my own actions.

I was challenged as I thought about that this morning. How many times is God speaking but we don’t hear? How many times does a sermon speak to others but never me? How come some love their church and others hate it? How come the world is a wicked horrible place to some who can’t wait to escape it, and to others it is beautiful opportunity to build God’s Kingdom? How come there are some who think they are the only ones who are truly serving God…all alone…in a world where compromise is at every corner and that everyone else is falling around them like flies, but then there are those who are so excited at the work that God is doing all over this world through all kinds of people?

I remember the story of Elijah. He was holed up in a cave, wanting to die, because he was “the only one” in the world who loved God and wanted to serve Him. You know what his problem was? He thought the birds weren’t singing. God told him to get out of that cave and get busy! He told him that there were hundreds of others out there who were faithful to the Lord just like him. God opened his windows.

May God help me to keep the windows of my heart always open so I can always hear the birds sing!

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