Meet Penny Nickels–A Great Book For Children By Adam York

I am so excited about this new series written by my cousin Adam York. I love anything that teaches my children to be good stewards of ALL that God has given them – not just their money. This book is the first in an adorably written and beautifully illustrated series that will guide children alongside Penny to learning to live their lives honoring God.

Well done Adam!For more information, go to

The Reagan Review

Here is the initial volume of a promising series for children with on the Adventures of Penny Nickels. As a parent of six children who has seen an incredible number of children’s books in my time, I found this volume actually delivers a message more than the fluff that is typical. Written by Adam York, this story got high marks from my children still in this age group.

This story is to help children grasp stewardship. Not a little story about bringing your offering, but one that sees that being a stewart extends to all areas of life. Parents were shown with positive stewardship and the character, Penny, learned and demonstrated it too.

The illustrations by Scott Burroughs were bright and happy and a great match for what the story told us about Penny.

Meet Penny Nickels is a winner all around and I predict children will love this series…

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One thought on “Meet Penny Nickels–A Great Book For Children By Adam York

  1. Hi Alicia ! Love this article and the way you express yourself and your honesty! You have a gift from the Lord! You are such an inspiration as a godly woman, and how you relate to your family! SCI advocacy, even with the physical challenges you face every day! You are a shining light for Jesus! You bless my socks off!


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