I was at IKEA. My stomach started bothering me so I made my way to the bathroom. All the stalls were empty except the handicapped stall. Someone was in there. My wheelchair would not even fit through the door of the regular stalls. I waited. And waited. Out came a young gal who had changed her clothes. “Oh, sorry…” she mumbled as she walked past me. I went into the stall and was already upset because I knew it was too late. I had had an accident. My bathroom trip had just become very complicated.

Why? Your legs just don’t work right? Wrong. Actually, sometimes wheeling around in our wheelchairs is the easiest part of our spinal cord injuries. Bowel and bladder issues are probably one of the greatest frustrations for us. It can stop a day’s plans. It can be embarrassing. It can be infuriating. I never go anywhere new without being very nervous about the bathroom situation. Paralyzed bladders and bowels literally affect our lives every single day.

So, how do we handle it? How do those of us with spinal cord injuries take care of our needs?

Watch this video to find out! Thank you for watching!

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