I love Donny. He is such a sweetheart. I’m not sure he would appreciate me calling him a “sweetheart” since he gives off more of a Harley appearance. His pony tail, mustache and cool knobby tires on his wheelchair rock a “tough guy” image which would make you think otherwise. He drives a Chevy pick up truck that he can lower down to the ground and transfer into. He is cool.

I met Donny the very first time I attended the SCI support group here in South Carolina. He was very friendly and I clicked with him right away. Over the many months that have followed, we have presented Brain and Spinal Cord safety in the public schools together. We have worked on projects together. I have been to his house and he has been to mine.

Donny has a heart as big as the world for those who need equipment and cannot get it because of insurance or finances. He searches for anyone willing to donate medical equipment. He will not sell it and he will not allow you to get it if you are going to sell it. He has personally helped me with tires. He gave a scooter to my cousin Scott, who has cerebral palsy, free of charge. He gave a tilting wheelchair to a newly injured young girl who had broken her neck and was stuck in bed because it was taking so long to get her an electric wheelchair through insurance. He gave an electric bed to a quadriplegic friend whose bed had broken and it was very hard on his wife and caregivers to reach him for his care. These are only the things that I have been involved in helping him with. He has so many others stories he could tell you. Like I said, he is a sweetheart and doesn’t just talk about helping change this world. He is doing it. One story at a time.

I interviewed Donny because I want you to meet him. I want you to see him. I want you to feel his heart. I want you to see what would happen to Donny if HIS medical equipment were to be taken from him. Not only would it hurt Donny’s quality of life, but it would stop his ability to help so many other people.

Here is my friend Donny:

Please sign this petition to help save our complex medical equipment (wheelchair, tires, cushions, etc.) so that people like Donny can continue their quality of life! Sign here.

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