Meet Anne ~ Run Over By A Car and Has Never Stopped Going

Anne is another friend I met at my SCI support group meeting. I am honored to be the director of that group now, but my first year I was a faithful attender and so enjoyed meeting all of these amazing people! You know, I never knew Anne’s story until I made this video. I thought a long time ago she had told me she was in a car accident, but I did not realize what kind of accident! When you hear her story, you will be amazed that she is alive to tell it.

Anne has been on the go for a long time now. She has moved and started her life over several times. That is not an easy feat for anyone, let alone one with a disability. She is not afraid to try new things. She is not intimidated by life. She loves her dogs and she loves to help others.

Anne’s story is unique in the fact that she was measured wrong for her new wheelchair and now a brand new chair, that she needs, is useless to her and she is stuck in an old chair. This is a real problem when a new chair costs thousands of dollars and you just don’t have it. It is very hard to get insurance to help you with very real problems.

But, you don’t need to hear this from me. You can see it yourself.

Meet Anne:

PLEASE sign this petition to help Ann and others like us. Click here to sign.

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