17 Years Married Today…and You Have Got To See What My Kids Did!


Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. I should be posting about how much I love my husband. I should be talking about the day I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams. I should be writing about how thankful I am that my guy has lived his vows, how he has loved me and not only stayed with me through better and worse, but is happy. He is not a heroic angel that has stooped to be good and faithful to his wife and endure life with a disabled woman. He sincerely loves me. He enjoys spending time with me. He is not embarrassed to be with me. He is my hero – but not because he endures life with me. He actually enjoys me. But, that is not what I want to write about. I should be sharing how that we have had our ups and downs, our butting of heads, our bad and good days, our seasons of marriage that have tested us to our limits. I should be gushing how I love this man with all my heart and that I have never been sorry I married him. I would do it all over again. Maybe I will. 

I should be writing all of those things, but I will not (wink, wink). Instead, I want to write about the favorite part of our anniversary. I would like to give you 6 reasons that make Jimmy and I want to have many, many more anniversaries.

  1. Briley Nicole
  2. Caleb Benjamin
  3. Isaiah Tate
  4. Audrey Faith
  5. Macey Joy
  6. Elisha Maclaren

Our precious children are such a blessing to us. Let me tell you what they did yesterday.

Briley and Caleb went to Wal-Mart on Wednesday and when they came home they told me to stay out of the refrigerator. I know not to ask questions when they say stuff like that. I just obey. Today, they had set up a beautiful table. Caleb had bought all the stuff with his own money that he had earned. He bought candlesticks, beautiful glasses, apple juice, cornish hens, french bread, and a table cloth. They set up the table in Jimmy’s office so they could make it a romantic spot. They had music playing and had put quilts over the windows so it would be dark. Briley cooked all the food. It was so good and took her much time to make. Cornish hens, mashed potatoes, green beans, and  she had made a delicious brownie dessert that was her own recipe. Briley was the cook, Caleb was the bank and host, Isaiah was our waiter – filling our drinks, taking our plates, and escorting us to our places. Audrey, Macey and Elisha were the entertainment that was still to come. The food was delicious and was filling, but nothing was as full as my heart. The thought that these kids had planned all of this and the details put into it and the love. The love and honor that my babies were bestowing on us and our marriage. The fact that our marriage is important to our kids just about burst our hearts open!

After we finished eating, we were asked to go outside and sit on the office porch. They had brought a chair for their Daddy and a quilt for me because I get cold so easy. They thought of every detail!

I am not going to write about the entertainment because it is on video. It was SO cute! They took details of our relationship that they have heard us tell stories about and acted it out. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

You will enjoy this if you know these facts:
~ I kind of asked their daddy out on our first “activity.” Jimmy was very          shy. It was a Lady Vols basketball game that our singles class went to. I        asked if he wanted to go.
~ We hiked all the time when we dated (obviously before I was paralyzed).       He asked me to marry him at one of our favorite spots. I didn’t say yes         right away. I just kept saying that I was so shocked that he pulled it off         without me knowing about it. He has a hard time keeping secrets when       he is excited!
~ Right before my dad walked me down the aisle, he teased me and told           me that I could still back out if I wanted to. I didn’t. 🙂
~ We decided to have children right away. We married, took a cruise and         Briley was born 9 months later.
~ We have never regretted any of this!

Let me end with the poem that Caleb wrote us that was laying on the table when we ate our dinner. I think it sums our crazy clan up pretty well.

To our parents, strong in Christianity,
You’ve proven the key to family is raw insanity.

Although we have our problems – like Isaiah and vanity,
We’re still the best family of all humanity.

As you come to 17 years, you’re proving you’re getting older,
But all this time you’ve never let your marriage flame smoulder.

So, to the end of this poem I won’t tarry,
And I have to admit – I had some help from Webster’s Rhyming Dictionary!
~Caleb Reagan

We love you kids. You have made your Daddy and I have a very, very happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Jimmy. Thank you for 17 precious years and 6 beautiful children.


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