When You Feel Really Lonely


Ever been there? Like you have no one in the whole entire world to talk to or who may understand what you are feeling, or the motives of your heart and life? Maybe you have a loved one who you used to tell everything too and they are no longer a part of your life. Maybe you have a spouse who just seems to be on another planet from you right now! Maybe you have children who are moving on in their lives and you feel displaced. Maybe you are the pastor’s wife and give out a lot of counsel but you have no pastor’s wife to go get counsel from. Maybe you are facing a health crisis that no one else understands because they don’t have your health crisis. Maybe….maybe…maybe. I’m sure you can fill in anything I did not mention.

I have been in every single on of these situations!! 

I have read my fair share of how-to books to help me. How to improve your relationships. How to communicate with the man from Mars. How to help your children mature to adulthood and not fall apart. How to deal with every angle of ministry. How to have grace in our sufferings. How to…how to…how to. The books are helpful, but I have never found them to be enough.

Can I get real simple here?

In every one of these situations, when I am at my all-time low, when I literally feel the loneliness oozing out of my stomach, into my throat and pouring out my eyes. When I am in my bathroom or shower (my sanctuary of solitude) and heaving with an absolute broken heart, there is only one thing….just one thing…that brings me comfort.

I told you it was simple. It is Jesus.

When I cry to Him and say, “God, why does it seem you take and take from me? Relationships with family, dreams of that perfect marriage that has no cracks or flaws, children that I adore that I know will grow up and leave someday, people that you want to love and minister too that be can be so hard to understand at times, my health…why?”

I hear Jesus simply say, “I get it. I know what you are feeling. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will never shun you. I will never break your heart. I know your motives. I know your dreams and fears. I know your worries. I won’t falsely accuse you because I am the Truth. I am always here with you and you are not alone.”

I just dwell on that. I may not be able to pick up a phone and share my heart. I may not be able to get anyone on my planet to understand me (I am complicated!). I may not have good health the rest of my life. But I have Jesus and therefore, I am not alone.

Loneliness can feel so awful, but truly, if it drops us straight in the comforting arms of Jesus, it is not a bad thing. Even that, is working in our lives for good.

Maybe you are in a season of loneliness right now. Turn to Jesus. Oh what a friend He is!

Please enjoy one of my favorite songs:


2 thoughts on “When You Feel Really Lonely

  1. Thank you for sharing. Being disabled AND being a shut in with my children grown can get lonely. My happiness is when they visit and of course the grandson fills my heart 🙂 Expecting granddaughter in Oct. 🙂 Praise the Lord for His mercy. Jane


  2. What a blessing to be reminded by someone who understands, that it’s ok even though it doesn’t feel ok. I have a bracelet I wear with “Never will I leave you or forsake you” on it, given to me by one of my sisters when I had cancer 9 years ago. Thank you for encouraging people and sharing the comfort that you have received from Jesus.


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