I am going to merge my YouTube channel and this blog and “marry” them a little!

When I make a new YouTube, I am going to throw it over here as a Vlog (video blog). I think it will be helpful to mingle them together. The more others can be helped in their disability journey, the happier I am to share what I have learned and want to help others with.

YouTube has been a huge resource to help me learn new skills, and their is such a great community there. Blogging has been a huge outlet for me in my own personal healing journey. Writing is therapeutic and I have never cared if anyone even read. I just needed to write.

Over the years though, people do read. And I have loved to help educate and teach things in my life that I have been so honored and humbled to learn.

I took the kids Christmas shopping and we were out all day and ALL of us were tired. This Mama was beat though. It was a great time for a “Tired Transfer” video for YouTube. So here is to our first Vlog over here!

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