Extra Thankful For My Kids & The Chores They Do!

It isn’t because I can’t “do” a lot of chores. I can. There are a lot I cannot do, because I can’t reach them. But, there are still many I can do. So it isn’t that I am not “able” to do them. The question is…at what cost? What won’t happen, or what now will happen because I did?

The kids are gone for a couple days. I am home alone today which rarely happens. The kitchen and living room were messy and I wanted them neat. No problem. I’ve got this.

  • Start a load of laundry
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Clean off kitchen counter
  • Tidy living room
  • Sweep both rooms.
  • Get to my computer work.


If my kids are home, this is how morning chores go…

  • Elisha unloads and loads the dishwasher
  • Macey cleans off the kitchen counters and straightens the laundry room
  • Audrey gathers the kitchen trash and takes it out and tidied the main bathroom.
  • Isaiah tidies the living room and dining room and just recently added sweeping both of these rooms because he can’t stand to watch me sweep (which was my chore).
  • Caleb works full time and does full time college in the evenings so he keeps up his own room and laundry and does whatever odd jobs I ask him to do randomly. He is also responsible for getting the weekly trash to the road for the garbage truck.
  • I am the foreman and keep track of this wonderful clan 🙂 I also do the meal planning, grocery shopping, and much of the cooking!

Within about 20 minutes, this house is tidy and ready for the day! It is a smooth operation and these kids have got their game on!

So…today? Well, it wasn’t smooth at all! My cold has me weaker, my spasms kept getting in the way, and that 20 minute job lasted almost 2 hours! I was tapped out the rest of the day and tonight I hurt all over like I have been to the gym! 🙂

My house does look much better so it may have been worth it.

I just want to say…kids, you are amazing. Thank you for how well you help keep this ship sailing around here! I love you!!

2 thoughts on “Extra Thankful For My Kids & The Chores They Do!

  1. Womderful to read of You and family. Would appreciate your alls mailing addrrss Pray fot healing of my body blood flow problily bladder. No pains Good thoughts and good memories Cora and Naividad still in work of God in Honduras


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