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September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Why is awareness necessary?

It will always involve money and if society wants to spend any money to allow us to be a part of life.

Whether that is insurance approvals for medically necessary items to keep us alive and healthy, or accessibility issues that allow us to integrate in society and live our lives also, or even just breaking the societal positions and abilities that are expected of us…that are SO wrong!

When humanity works together for the best of other humans, it is powerful.

Awareness is a reminder to the disability population that we must continue to pass on to other generations what has been handed to us and continue to educate others. Understanding is KEY for action to happen.

Awareness is a reminder to the non-disabled population to remember your human family and help stand up for the same quality of life you enjoy and to learn a different perspective of a life different than yours!

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