Paralyzed 13 Years Today…

13 is supposed to be an unlucky number…but today, on this 13th anniversary of becoming paralyzed…I feel so very blessed.

13 years ago today, I had been out of it for over 24 hours. When I was finally awaken…I wasn’t in horrific pain like I had been some 30 hours before. No pain….also no feeling. No movement. I was paralyzed.

Just like that my life was dramatically changed and it has been ever since. That morning…I wasn’t sure if I would live or die. That morning kicked off a season of being as helpless as a tiny baby. A time when there was no way I could have fathomed living like that for another year…let alone 13.

But this morning…I woke up in a lot of pain because of weather…but thankful for another morning of life. I independently got ready for my day. I drove myself to a meeting. Life was very normal this morning. So much personal change in my life, yet the Lord has continued to help me all these years.

I am not sad today. It has actually been a wonderful day. I came to South Carolina this weekend to speak at a ladies retreat. My youngest 3 kiddos joined me on this trip – excited to see their friends and my oldest daughter who lives here. We spent last evening with friends.

I spent the first half of today at the ladies retreat and it was so wonderful! My heart for ministry is passionate as ever and any opportunity to speak about my precious best friend, Jesus, just lights a fire in my soul!!

This afternoon and evening we spent with my beautiful girl, Briley. We sang around the piano, talked a lot, went to the mall and ate Chinese and all of us just had such a sweet time together.

So tonight, as I start year 13 of being paralyzed, I don’t feel unlucky. I feel peaceful. I feel sure. I feel joy. I feel unbelievably taken care of by my Lord. I feel excited. I feel so thankful for my children and the encouragement they are to me.

God is prodding my heart for specific ministry and I am waiting on Him to show me how it should all happen, but that excites me! And I pray that year 13 will be the year it happens!

I am so thankful the Lord spared my life 13 years ago. I am thankful He has given me these years to serve Him. It is my prayer when I come to this blog and write about year 30…I will still be excited and talking about the goodness of the Lord!

Thank you dear friends for your love and support!! God uses you to bless me!!

Here’s to year 13!!!

3 thoughts on “Paralyzed 13 Years Today…

  1. Alicia, I’m amazed how the Lord uses you to minister to do many through your blog, speaking events, music etc. I think of your and your daily challenges and pray for you often. You are an amazing inspiration to so many. My heart pleads for God’s comfort in your daily physical and emotional challenges. ❤️🙏🏼 I have enjoyed watching your beautiful family grow up as you have shared their lives with us on FB.


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