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I am a Christian who loves living a life for God, a mommy to six amazing and beautiful children and I am an incomplete quadriplegic. No, that isn’t a disease – it means that I am paralyzed and it affects my arms and my legs. You can read “My Story” and find out more about all of that! I use a wheelchair full-time and that keeps my life very interesting and exciting!

I love writing and this blog is a combination of everything I am, who I am becoming, and what I think about it all. I hope you will enjoy this journey of life with me.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Alicia, I really enjoy reading your blogs! You are truly an inspiration! I love to see how God is using you! You have an amazing testimony! Thanks for being so transparent and sharing what God is doing through you.


  2. I am a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church, and friend of the Brockman’s. Thank you so much for sharing with us during this difficult time. We are blessed by your testimony, and encouraging thoughts. Praying the Lord will richly bless you for your faithfullness in serving him.


  3. Hello Alicia. I wanted you to know I was touched by your story. You are an amazing light for the Lamp. Wow, what a blessing you are and will be to everyone you touch out there in God’s world. Sent a prayer up for both of you. Bless you.


  4. Hi Alicia!
    I love a lot of your blogs, would you be interested in being a guest blogger on SPINALpedia.com? Let me know! I’d love to discuss any posts you might be interested in sharing. Look forward to hearing from you!


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  6. Hi! (Sorry my spelling in einglish) I brok my neck when I was born at C5-C6. (It was a young doctor ….). But I still have a good life. I just want to say that I love your movies. Hug LinnĂ©a from Sweden


      1. Alicia,
        Please write the Blog on the emotional side. I think it would be fascinating for the walking world.
        I am a hypnotherapist in SC. If you feel uncomfortable about writing it; please send me an email about the emotional side. I would like to learn more. My email is:


  7. Hi Alicia!

    I enjoyed reading your blogs, I actually was brought to your blog through your guest post that you wrote for the United Spinal Association in December. In your blog, “Be the Change You Want to See,” you touch on lots of relevant points directed towards problems facing those with disabilities.

    I work for a company called Medstar Transportation, our mission is to provided affordable and accessible transportation to the Pacific Northwest to those who are unable to drive due to different circumstances. We are coming up with new technology to improve accessibility for all.

    If you had any time to spare, I was hoping that I could start a conversation with you in regards to our transportation application and what we could be doing to make it the best that it possibly could be. My email is madisonc@gomedstar.com, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Have a good day and keep blogging, we love them!!


  8. Hello Alicia my name is Silvia and I really need your help in understanding my new injury. I am paralyzed from the waist down and having trouble accepting an understanding this. Please help..


  9. Hi Alicia, Appreciate what you have written and your focus on Jesus. An injury or illness should never define us and thank you for making that plain as you write. Found your blog looking for help for spasms on my para-paretic side and so glad I did found it.


  10. Hi Alicia!
    Thanks for your idea of using maternity jeans.
    I purchased three pair in January and they are fantastic!
    I’m a plus size gal, and they work especially well for me after breaking my arm after a tumble on the 27th.
    So much easier to use with minimal wiggling.
    Take care.


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