Do I Share But Not Live?


As a blogger, song writer, Ladies Sunday school teacher, Pastor’s wife, and a mother to 6 children, I have multiple opportunities to share the truths of God’s Word. I absolutely love this.

I love to dwell on something, think of how it applies to life and then share it. I love explaining to my children what the Bible says. I love walking a new Christian through an understanding of God’s Word. I love getting excited as life brings a new blog post into my heart. I love hearing a phrase that inspires a new song. I love sharing with others all of these things.

But there is a danger that has strongly been on my heart the past few days. The danger is getting so impressed with all I am sharing that I forget to live these same truths in my life, in my home and to my family. Just yesterday, I was so excited and thrilled to teach on the resurrection of Jesus and how that reality is to bring us out of the burial times of our lives so that we can have a victorious daily life. But today is daily life!! Am I living today what I just so passionately shared yesterday?

This application is easily applied to sharing the Gospel with someone but then treating them like dirt. Do we really think that they will be impressed with our sharing if we don’t live it? No they won’t. And you know what? As obvious as that example is, it is consistently true in the other aspect of my life. I can status on Facebook all day long about my family but if I don’t treat them nice then who cares? My family sure won’t. I can blog great truths and be right and get huge numbers of hits, but if I can’t carry out the basics of Christianity around those who know me best than what have I truly gained? I have gained the respect of strangers and lost the respect of my family.

To stop sharing is not the solution (unless of course I enjoy living the life of a hypocrite – which I do not). The solution is to be alert every single moment to live what I speak. To be tuned in to the nudging of the Holy Spirit to remember that I need Him to be pleased with me, not the applaud of others that swell my head in pride. I need to listen to the heart of those around me. Children have an amazing ability to point out your inconsistencies and my children have been a wake up call for me many times in my life and I am thankful for that.

I am thanking the Lord for the avenues He has given me to share HIS great truths, but I am asking the Lord to please keep a close eye on me and not allow me to just share His truth but to be a humble servant and live His truths and not make a mockery of His Word.

I am asking you, my dear readers, to please pray with me and for me in this critical area that the Lord will always be glorified in ALL aspects of my life.

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