Tomorrow is the big day. It is the day we will go and bring the 24 ft. truck to our house and start loading it. We have helpers coming, so tomorrow is the day – ready or not! I woke up this morning and did not feel ready!

We had a wonderful week-end of ministry in Louisville, KY where I spoke on Saturday at a ladies event and then we ministered together as a family on Sunday. Because of all that wonderful activity and driving, I woke up not feeling well and absolutely exhausted (one of my greatest frustrations with being paralyzed is my energy levels are just not where they used to be!). Normally my Mondays are rest days but that truck is coming tomorrow!!

On Facebook this morning, I asked everyone to please pray that the Lord would give me energy for this day and all that had to be accomplished. This video shows how he answered my prayer and gives a quick tour of our house. Thanks for watching!!

“Making It Happen” Series – The Day Before the Move

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