A Spinal Cord Injury – Complete or Incomplete


I promised that I would try to do daily videos this month for September Spinal Cord Awareness month. “Try” may have been the operative word! I’m not sure I will get one every single day but I am going to do a LOT of videos. I am already excited about the ideas! “My eye affects my heart” – right?

So…do you know much about the spinal cord? What size is it? Is it hard or soft? How does it get injured? Why can some people get injured and recover (you know my second cousin was paralyzed for a couple months but now is walking again), and some people do not recover much at all? Why can some move a toe but nothing else?

Do you know these answers? Then, if not, please take about 5 minutes to watch and learn. Hey! I even did an object lesson for you! You’re welcome. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Spinal Cord Injury – Complete or Incomplete

  1. You’re explanation of a complete injury is wrong. I am a complete and my spinal cord is not severed. It is intact. It simply does not let any signals go through the injury site.


    1. Daniela – thanks for your comment. You are correct in the fact that your spinal cord itself does not have to be “separated” on an MRI, but if all nerve signals are completely apart, then that is still a complete. Thanks!


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