Spinal Cord Injury ~ The Danger of Muscle Atrophy


“Mommy, why do her legs look like that?”

Yes, I have heard different kids ask their parents that about me. My friends who have higher injuries hear it about their arms, their hands, and yes, their legs.

Muscle atrophy – where our muscles go away from lack of use – is behind the changing shapes of our bodies. Thinner legs, pooching tummies, narrow shoulders, and flat hands are caused because of muscle atrophy.

Carrying around extra weight, although not great for us, helps some with our shapes. Spasms can also help keep your muscles from completely wasting away as the muscles are being activated – although not voluntarily.

There are some scary side effects of muscle atrophy that those of us with spinal cord injuries have to be extremely cautious about. Watch the video to find out!

Thank you for learning this month of September and becoming more aware of spinal cord injuries.

One thought on “Spinal Cord Injury ~ The Danger of Muscle Atrophy

  1. Great video thanks for sharing I am a C3 quadriplegic that is dealing with going from being a competitive strongman to now having droopy shoulders from muscle atrophy very hard transition. Get to know me http://WWW.Quadcapable.com

    I drive a power chair and am constantly adjusting for pressure relief with the chair controls. I have a J2 deep contour gel seat that is work very well for me.

    twitter @quadcapable


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