I remember after first becoming paralyzed, these words seem to be the most common words in my head. I would try to quickly replace those words with, “I’ll try!” but the challenges were many and simple things were so hard.

There were the obvious physical challenges, when you were trying to relearn the hundreds of things that you formerly took no notice of. There were also the emotional challenges when your body would not obey you – no matter how hard you tried. There were the spiritual challenges when the prayers continued but you felt the answers were not coming quick enough…or at all.

When you were being pushed physically, you sometimes wanted to cry out, “I can’t do this!” When your heart felt like it was going to break over a memory of how things used to be, you thought, “I don’t know if I can do this for the next 10 years.” And when you felt like God wasn’t giving you your hearts desire, you questioned, “God, is this really what you are asking of me? I can’t do this.”

And that is when God answers. “My child, you are right. You can’t. Your physical weakness is just a reminder to you now of where I already know you are emotionally and spiritually. You can’t face this day of physical hardship without My strength, you can’t face your new life ahead without My joy and contentment, and you can’t accept the will and ways of God without My grace.”

Those words and that realization in my heart, helped me so much. It is not about me…it is all about Him! All that I am or ever will be, is all about Him. Once again, God is right. I can’t, but He can!!

Lord, thank You for Your comfort.

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