Is There Hope For Our Children? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #17)

I am guest blogging on my husband Jimmy’s blog, He has been writing to Independent Baptists, which we are, in a series for several weeks. He and I have together worked through so many of these issues, and he has asked me to write an article for him that shares the woman’s point of view. I share my heart here…

Click on link below to read the whole article.

One thought on “Is There Hope For Our Children? (Independent Baptist Truth Revolution #17)

  1. I am trying to contact the Reunion Trio to ask permission to use your song for our Christmas program. I sent a message on facebook to the reunion trio. I attend Faith Baptist Temple In North Ridgeville and several years ago you and your sisters were at a ladies retreat we attended. I have kept your CD in my car since then and the words to your songs are so uplifting and challenging. They have become like prayers to me when I don’t know what to say. Can you please contact me via facebook or email so I can ask your permission.


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